Ok, Maybe I Could Tell You The Codes ..

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I know you guys may have a hard time to find all the codes and maybe i cant do this but ill tell you the codes ..  ( This are all for now) Ill keep on posting when each come out !

3. 1979


2. HeresACode


1. FunStartNow

–Expired —


Get All Codes For Monday !

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Unfortunately i cannot tell you the codes do to SwagBucks.Com Rules ! But I can give you clues ! When you log in to swagbucks they will tell you a code worth 6SB ! Then look at the blog and see the post READY TO HUNT ? There they would ask you a question and the answer you get is a code and worth 7SB !  Kepp looking ! Today’s total SwagBucks code will be all worth 50 SB ! Get Ready to Hunt ! All day there will be codes so try your best and find them all !


What To Waste Your SwagBucks In !

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I was wondering what people waste there SagBucks on .. And decided to give you guys some good products to waste your SwagBucks on. Theres many thing but im only going to name at least 5 ! Try to save up and get some of these items/products !

1. COMBO: Swagbucks T-Shirt and Keychain ! This is a great shirt and keychain to show that you sure do love SwagBucks ! Maybe something ill get later on 😀 And JUST FOR 1150 SB !

2. UCLA – Rick Neuheisel Autographed Football ! Get a sign football ! Just 9999 SB !

3. $5 Amazon.com e-Gift Card ! For me this is a great deal and i highly recommend this Gift Card. 450 SB ONLY !

4. Apple e-Gift Card – $300 ! Yes when i tell you the price your going to freak out but ! How bout try hard enough and do you best on earning SwagBucks and get this great item ! HIGH PRIZE : 36,999 SB !

5. PayPal – $100 ! This price is not as HIGH as the Apple one but its alot too. But SAVE UP ! And get 100 in Paypal ! For 12,549 SB !

Well those are some good things to save up on and get them ! It may take a while to get a lot of SwagBucks but in the end its all worth it !

Redeem 50 SwagBucks Code !

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This Monday SwagBucks will be giving away 50 SwagBucks in code only ! That will be a great opportunity to boost up your SwagBucks account with over 50 SwagBucks ! Plus by doing what you regularly do to earn swagbucks it will be at least over 70 SWAGBUCKS !! This is a great chance to earn SwagBucks and save up for BIG prizes coming up soon on SwagBucks.com Get Ready for many Swag Codes coming out this Monday ! :DD


New SwagBucks Code !

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Hurry up ! This code its worth 8 SWAGBUCKS  and it will expire in 15 mins .


Code :  ItsFridayNite

Hurry Good Luck !

Get A $25 Amazon GC For less Swagbucks Then Original Price !

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Most people on SwagBucks.com save up to buy Amazon GC ! A lot of them save up 3150 SwagBucks to buy a $25 dollar Amazon GC ! But let me ask you a question ? Would you like to pay 900 less SwagBucks for the same $25 dollar amazon GC ? Well now you can ! I was thinking of a way to spend less SwagBucks for $25 dollar and thought and thought. Until it hit me ! I have always bought a $5 dollar Amazon GC so i wondered how many of these could i buy to get a $25 dollar amazon GC, So i figured out by buying five of a $5 Dollar Amazon GC  i could get a $25 dollar Amazon GC ! So, each $5 dollar Amazon GC cost 450 SwagBucks so multiply that by 5 and you will get 2250 ! So you can waste 2250 SwagBucks instead of 3150 SwagBucks. Thats a 900 different you will be saving. Also, if your already saving up to 3150 SwagBucks and your almost there then stop ! Buy five $5 Dollar Amazon GC and with that 900 left over buy 2 more $5 Dollar GC  for even more amazon gift card ! 😀

—> Get that EASIER !

SwagBucks Has Been Nominated !!

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Recently on the SwagBucks Blog they release a post that they have been nominated to win an award. They were nominated for the Colloquy Award. SwagBucks is a great site and they deserve many awards and for now they are been reconize by this website. Colloquy Awards. <—- You can sign up there. It takes about 5-10 mins to sign up. I did it and i voted for SwagBucks. Theres three choices you can vote for, My Coke Rewards, Ontario Power Authority , and The GREATEST site ever ….SwagBucks.com.


My Vote 😀 —->    

Go and vote now at Colloquy Awards.  Thank you ! Your vote will count to help SwagBucks win the award.

-The SwagBucksNews

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