Winning Swagstakes are not easy ! Winning SwagBucks is ! So is it really worth spending so many SwagBucks on Swagstakes ? Well I, personally, don’t play Swagstakes. Why ? Because, i try to earn a lot of SwagBucks and there is no point in trying to waste them on trying to win more swagbucks or other prizes when you chances are .. 1 out of THOUSANDS ! Now, no it is not bad to waste your SwagBucks on Swagstakes but waste your SwagBucks carefully ! Don’t waste a lot of your SwagBucks on Swagstakes,Though be smart about how much your going to waste and how much you could waste. Lets read some Tips …

Tips  ..

A person between 1-1500 SwagBucks should not waste more then 20-35 SwagBucks on entries for a Swagstake . Be smart of how many entries you spend your SwagBucks on but don’t pass 35 SwagBucks. Your chances of winning may be between 1-15 out of 1000-MANY THOUSANDS entries. If you are positive you could win but you have to spend more then 20-35 SwagBucks then do so but try not to go over 50 SwagBucks.

A person between 1001-5000 SwagBucks should not waste over 200 SwagBucks on a Swagstake . Buy as many entries as you want but just remeber 200 SwagBucks is worth many stuff on SwagBucks.Com so is not worth spending over 200 SwagBucks on a Swagstake that your chances of winning is VERY VERY thin .