I was wondering what people waste there SagBucks on .. And decided to give you guys some good products to waste your SwagBucks on. Theres many thing but im only going to name at least 5 ! Try to save up and get some of these items/products !

1. COMBO: Swagbucks T-Shirt and Keychain ! This is a great shirt and keychain to show that you sure do love SwagBucks ! Maybe something ill get later on 😀 And JUST FOR 1150 SB !

2. UCLA – Rick Neuheisel Autographed Football ! Get a sign football ! Just 9999 SB !

3. $5 Amazon.com e-Gift Card ! For me this is a great deal and i highly recommend this Gift Card. 450 SB ONLY !

4. Apple e-Gift Card – $300 ! Yes when i tell you the price your going to freak out but ! How bout try hard enough and do you best on earning SwagBucks and get this great item ! HIGH PRIZE : 36,999 SB !

5. PayPal – $100 ! This price is not as HIGH as the Apple one but its alot too. But SAVE UP ! And get 100 in Paypal ! For 12,549 SB !

Well those are some good things to save up on and get them ! It may take a while to get a lot of SwagBucks but in the end its all worth it !