We have moved to BLOGGER !

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Yes, the title is true ! We have officially moved to blogger.com ! Our website is … swagbucksnews1.blogspot.com GO AND CHECK IT OUT !


Tips On How To Win Over 11 SwagBucks !

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So this morning i was going through swagbucks and earning my SwagBucks like always and then i got to the Search Bar ! So i decided to look up XswaggX(A new website coming soon for Xbox only me and my couzin are still creating) and Then when i looked that up it gave me ….


This is my first time evr winning over 11 SwagBucks ! Good tips are look up unusual stuff and always look up unusual stuff like today what i did was look up XswaggX. Everyday look up stuff that people wont usually look up, thats always a good idea to do since its very very unusual ! Try your best and i hope you guys win BIG ! 😀


Did you know … ?

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Everyone knows about Ad Rewards on SwagBucks. It was recently in the Homepage of SwagBucks.Com but it was recently moved to Special offer as you can see below …


Everything is the same only that it was move from the Homepage to the Special Offer’s Page !  Also, in about a Month or so.. I will be having a contest of a $5 Dollar GC For Amazon ! Keep visiting contest detail will be posted soon .. :DD

1000 SwagBucks For Watchiing MOVIES For 1 Month !

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Everyone  has heard of something called Netflix ! If you haven’t well let me tell you what it is, Netflix is a website where you can watch movies and T.v shows for free ! You can send them to your house and watch them by there or watch it by Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, Computer, and many other stuff ! Now for signing up with your credit card you get one month free and you also get 1000 SwagBucks ! Yes that’s right 1000 SWAGBUCKS ! Ohhh, maybe you don’t want to pay every month for Netflix well simply ask to disable your account and thats it you get one month free of Movies and Show without paying and 1000 SwagBucks ! Click here for the offer ! Or go on SwagBucks.Com and do the offer where it says Special Offer’s !


Get Some FootBall Tickets !

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FootBall is back and SwagBucks is giving the San Diego people a chance to win some Chargers ticket. Enter the SwagStake and win Every home ticket of the Chargers. Other people could join but its only for the Chargers. Click Here to enter many of the SwagStake to earn your Chargers ticket.

Are Swagstakes worth wasting SwagBucks ?

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Winning Swagstakes are not easy ! Winning SwagBucks is ! So is it really worth spending so many SwagBucks on Swagstakes ? Well I, personally, don’t play Swagstakes. Why ? Because, i try to earn a lot of SwagBucks and there is no point in trying to waste them on trying to win more swagbucks or other prizes when you chances are .. 1 out of THOUSANDS ! Now, no it is not bad to waste your SwagBucks on Swagstakes but waste your SwagBucks carefully ! Don’t waste a lot of your SwagBucks on Swagstakes,Though be smart about how much your going to waste and how much you could waste. Lets read some Tips …

Tips  ..

A person between 1-1500 SwagBucks should not waste more then 20-35 SwagBucks on entries for a Swagstake . Be smart of how many entries you spend your SwagBucks on but don’t pass 35 SwagBucks. Your chances of winning may be between 1-15 out of 1000-MANY THOUSANDS entries. If you are positive you could win but you have to spend more then 20-35 SwagBucks then do so but try not to go over 50 SwagBucks.

A person between 1001-5000 SwagBucks should not waste over 200 SwagBucks on a Swagstake . Buy as many entries as you want but just remeber 200 SwagBucks is worth many stuff on SwagBucks.Com so is not worth spending over 200 SwagBucks on a Swagstake that your chances of winning is VERY VERY thin .



SwagBucks Code Worth 7 SB

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Swagcode —-> TuTuTuesday6rpuSa


I dont know when it expires so hurry up and get it now ! New post coming out later tonight !

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